Portfolio Management

Managing risk, not managing returns, is the essence of professional investment management. Wealthy individuals without the time, experience, and desire to manage their investments can benefit from professional investment counsel.

  • CPFA emphasizes strategies focused on asset allocation and diversification. We pay particular attention to controlling costs, the most important of which is income taxes.
  • We do not sell financials products or receive commissions.¬†Our investment recommendations are based on your overall financial objectives.
  • Asset allocation policy and investor behavior are the chief determinants of investment return for adequately diversified portfolios.
  • We are not market timers and do not advise on individual securities. We believe both are unnecessarily risky and counter-productive to successful long-term investing.
  • CPFA will monitor your entire portfolio, including investments not under our direct management.
  • We develop, refine, and rebalance your portfolio in an unemotional manner.
  • The major asset classes typically utilized include:
    • Cash and Fixed Income
    • U.S. Equities
    • International Equities
    • Alternative Investments
    • Direct Investments

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