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Financial Wisdom

Quips and Quotes for the Financial Planning Industry. Click on the topics below for quotes.

The Value of a Trusted Advisor

"What people need most is a good listening to."
— Mary Lou Casey

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."
— Henry Ford

"It's easier to hire people who care than to train them to care."
— Tony Brigmon

Importance of Implementation

"The financial plan is for the planner, not the client.  Implementation of the financial plan is for the client."
— Ben Coombs

"Another flaw in the human character is that everybody wants to build and nobody wants to do maintenance."
— Kurt Vonnegut

"The tyranny of the urgent squelches out those things that are truly important."
— Greer Kendall

"When two or more professionals disagree, the result is always paralysis."
— Scott Fithian

Importance of Ongoing Planning

"The zenith of insanity is that you continue to do the same things for the next five years that you have done for the last five years, yet you expect different results."
—Zig Ziglar

"It’s most important to get the process right, because we can’t predict what’s going to happen 20 years into the future."
—John Brown

"We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails."

"Our mission is to pursue the possible, not the perfect."
—Ben Coombs

The Value of Expert Advice

"Spinning more plates doesn't increase your talent; it increases your likelihood of dropping a plate. It's not whether you can do everything yourself; it’s how soon you're going to realize that you can't."
—Kerry Walls

"The easiest things to take for granted, and skip over, are those that seem obvious and common sense. They are also often, the most important and the most neglected."
—Scott Fithian

"Financial planning is not a battle of knowledge over ignorance. It's a battle of faith over fear. No amount of fancy charts, no amount of information, can overcome fear."
—Nick Murray

"Emotion is the enemy of sound investment."
—Donald Ratajczak

"The real investment risk is not volatility. It is the risk that the investor will give in to panic or euphoria during normal market volatility."
—Roger Gibson

"If I want to get a new 25-year old every week, I'll just call Fidelity."
—Jennifer James

Importance of Independence

"To be truly independent, the only master advisors can serve is their clients."
—Scott Leonard

"We all know there are lots of product solutions out there searching for a problem to solve."
—Bill Ramsey

"Wall Street gives you the exact opposite approach of fee-only financial planning. A stock broker who adopted a buy-and-hold strategy would starve."
—Carl von dem Bussche

"Nothing astonishes men so much as common sense and plain dealing."
—Ralph Waldo Emerson